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3D-printed holder for 8x WS2812 module

For my ShotBot project (more on that hopefully soon) I needed a holder for a WS2812 module — so I designed one with FreeCAD and 3D-printed it.  Read more

Arduino power strip: Finishing touches, problems, and future improvements

Today we’re going to finish the Arduino Power Strip – or at least bring it to a state where it’s usable for now and can be controlled using Home Assistant. There is also an issue we need to address.  Read more

Arduino power strip: More enclosure & more wiring

Time for an update on the Arduino-controlled power strip! In the last post I described how I built the front plate with the outlets and did a bit of wiring—in this post we will do more of that and be able to even test it for the first time.  Read more

Temperature-dependent fan control using Arduino

I’m building a box to dampen the noise of the projector I bought (more on that in a later post) and to keep it cool I added two fans, one sucking cold air in and one pushing warm air out. To reduce the noise as much as possible I wanted to run the fans as slow as possible, but of course they should still run fast enough to properly cool the projector. So I built a little fan controller with an Arduino that uses temperature to determine the fan speed.  Read more

Building an Arduino-controlled power strip

My desk is a mess. When I built it I wanted to be able to switch every device on and off at a central location, so I bought a power strip with lots of switches and ran wires from there. Initially that worked fine, but with an increasing number of devices on and around my desk the mess started to increase as well. To solve this problem for now and (hopefully) forever, I want to build a power strip where each outlet is controlled individually by an Arduino. This allows me to run a single power line to the power strip from any outlet in the room while I’m still able to control every outlet from my desk and, if everything works as planned, even via network from everywhere else.  Read more